For consumer goods companies, the changes require that they be closer than ever to their customers and to consumers. Knowing what consumers are thinking is only the start. To understand trends and the resulting marketing and merchandising implications, brands need to be ahead of change, not just followers of it. Consumer Goods Practice helps companies build the capabilities needed to win in the digital world. Our DNA is client-concentric, so we successfully partner with our clients on the full range of industry issues and challenges, everything from advanced digital/social marketing capabilities,analytic and Big Data to trade promotion management and supply chain solutions that help meet evolving consumer and customer demand.

For starters, by embracing the four new essential technologies: social, mobile, analytic and the cloud. It has the power to create enhanced value for consumers and organizations. Social networks help brands see trending topics and listen to how consumers are talking about products. Mobility solutions allow quick responses to on-the-go consumers who are driving dramatic changes to brands marketing strategies. They also arm sales teams with the right data at the right place. And because the increasingly large volumes of data are elevating the role of information storage, cloud is essential. Analytic brings it all together, enabling companies to extract value from the data. By building analytic, road maps, organizations can detail the capabilities they need and begin generating new insights on consumers and market directions. 

Our Consumer Goods Practice helps brands leverage new technologies and gain faster,more efficient access to data, as well as improve scalability and lower cost.Marketing Services and Branding. Marketing is increasingly about data. Our teams are ready to help you rewire your marketing function, from managing the data and the capability set, to reading and interpreting it, to creating an enterprise digital marketing capability. market directions.

Sales Effectiveness, Sales staffs expect mobility, data visualization and flexibility. We work with clients to help them rethink and transform their sales operations from command and control to a collaborative function where professionals work together.